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 Ai Wei Wei Timm Ulrichs      Richard Wilson
 Dropping a Han
Dynasty Urn
Ich kann keine Kunst
mehr sehen
Foto: Ellen Poerschke      Saatchi Gallery
 1995 1975      1987
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Ai Wei Wei has had enough of ancient Chinese art; he doesn’t want to see it anymore. Because he destroys it, the work of art can not be seen anymore.

Ulrich’s blind man can not see art any more, although the connotation of the German translation “Ich kann keine Kunst mehr sehen” is that he does not want to see any more art.

20:50 is a room which holds no works of art. Because no art can be seen in the room (twice!), the room itself can be art.

In each case, the destruction or removal of art from the field of vision of the artist and/or the viewer creates itself a piece of art.