Man & God, God & Man

Since everyone’s into memes right now, here’s our art meme. Six pieces about men and their gods, gods and their men. All of them at once terrible and beautiful, all causing a stir in heart and mind. Like men, like the(ir) gods. Who’s who, who was made by whom, who was there first? This is what this association addresses.

Top left: Michelangelo’s ceiling in the Sistine Chapel (from Wikipedia Commons)

Top centre: Hirst’s “For the Love of God” (from Wikipedia Commons, Telegraph)

Top right: Detonation of a nuclear bomb for test purposes (from Wiki Commons)

Bottom left: Richter’s “Seascape” (scan of postcard from Tate Gallery Shop)

Bottom centre: LaChapelle’s “Last Supper” (scan of flyer from MdM Salzburg)

Bottom right: Space Shuttle take-off (from Wiki Commons)

*Correction: An earlier version mistakenly claimed that da Vinci had painted the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling when in fact it was Michelangelo’s work. Thanks to artmoscow for spotting the error.


7 comments on “Man & God, God & Man

  1. anjamanou says:

    Got to like this one!

  2. Cheese says:

    I love this. Awesome!

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