ArtBlogLog – Episode 1: Women


We felt like trying something new. Because change is good. So we made a video. We called it the ArtBlogLog. Each episode shows the best of the best from our tireless and wonderful journeys through the fantastic, mesmerizing, orgasmic, all-encompassing, mind-blowing, horizon-expanding, dazzling world of artblogs, here are our favourite pieces from artblogs around the world. To amaze you and to promote the blogs. Credits are below so you can go and visit them – they’re all well worth it. Oh yes, and we decided to start on the theme of women. Because really, there would be no art, and no point to art and life, without them.


1) the modern artist — amazing photo manipulations by kokoszkaa

2) eyes of odysseus — the way of shadows

3) surface and surface — bruce davidson – subway

4) we are so droee — illustrated fashion pieces

5) avanti salon’s hair and beauty blog – inspired by: yuji watanabe

6) carlos deters photography — as yet untitled

7) enpundit — shadow art

8) aratuntun — Photo Art……… Colours

9) eoghan bridge — Heaven and Earth

10) ionist artblog — Masoumeh Ebadi Again

11) bed glaser — the BODY in ART…INSPIRATION

12) artsocia – women


7 comments on “ArtBlogLog – Episode 1: Women

  1. Just one question: Were this a list of male art bloggers, would it be full of hairstyles, “beauty”, and fashion?

  2. artsocia says:

    That’s an interesting question. First of all, I think there is a balance of male and female bloggers on the list (something I did not think about when I compiled it), though of course one can’t really know. Plus I don’t agree that it’s all about fashion, beauty and hairstyles – it’s also about colour, symmetry, different techniques, sexual attraction, mourning, confidence, incongruence, individuality, creativity, love and human beings being works of art. None of that’s exclusive to women. I’m not sure what you’re getting at: do you think the video is too narrow, or do you think it focuses on themes that male bloggers neglect?

    I don’t know how different it would be if it were complied by a woman, or if it were about men, or if it had only male bloggers on it. Maybe the next video should be about men. Or by a woman.

  3. artsocia says:

    Oh, and – thanks for your comment and for visiting the blog, of course.

  4. Chas Spain says:

    Great effort to profile other blogs in this way – I didn’t get the sense it was about hairstyles and fashion like MK – each image said something different to me,

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